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Watch this fascinating documentary on the Palestinian underground dance movement

M. Š.
3. 12. 2018

Partying within a conservative culture isn’t easy, let alone when movement is restricted. Without access to “proper” nightlife, a few groups of Palestinian youth are hoping to make a change. But they are not only hoping, they are already starting to actualize their plan.

The importance of this scene is perhaps best summarised by Muqata’a, who when asked where he hopes his music will take him, answers simply, “home”.

The documentary’s stories create a beautiful vision of connection and refuge through music. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Palestine Underground | Boiler Room x 4:3 Presents Contemporary Scenes

Music as Resistance. Our new film ‘Palestine Underground’ documents the artists breaking down borders in a region torn by historic conflict.

Objavil/a Boiler Room dne Torek, 13. november 2018

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