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Ultra Music Festival CEO says ”Something very big is in the works”


Russell Faisbich, CEO of Ultra Music Festival, stated that they’ve got something massive planned for this year’s edition of Ultra Miami, which will be marking its 20th anniversary.

“Yes, something very big is in the works! Every year we pride ourselves on delivering for our fans special unannounced performances and surprises. But for the big 20th Anniversary, we knew we had to deliver something huge. Something unique that can only be seen at Ultra. It is completely under wraps. The only thing I can say is to Expect The Unexpected.” he said during an interview.

Last year one of the surprises was the 360-degree stream on Hardwell set but what are they keeping under wraps this year? Well, it could be a new stage or a unique b2b performance, there’s even the conspiracy about the return of the broken up Swedish trio, Swedish House Mafia.

It’s sure to say that expectations for their events this year are sky high but I guess we need to wait until Ultra Miami, to really find out what Rusell meant by ‘’Expect the Unexpected’’.

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