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Turns out LSD is linked to breaking alcohol addiction

27. 5. 2019

According to a recent study that has shown LSD and mushrooms- usually partners in crime on a night out, might actually be the way out from alcohol addiction.

The numbers are staggering as well with ”83% no longer met ‘alcohol use disorder’ criteria, and 28% said their psychedelic experience was the reason they changed their lifestyle” according to the 340+ participants.

An associate professor at John Hopkins University’s School of Medicine, Dr Matthew Johnson stated: “When you talk to someone who has managed to overcome addiction, they often talk about that they had to answer big-picture questions that connect to what’s important in life. Psychedelics prompt those kinds of questions. Even though we have a lot more to explore, I think it’s likely that its the intense nature of the drug’s psychological experience that’s underlying its high success rates.”

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