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The biggest streaming platform Spotify is always on about exploring new ways to keep its customers happy and interested. Users mostly complained about not having the ability to “like” or “dislike” a specific track or music list, while listening to new tracks in “Discovery Weekly” playlists.

And now Spotify reacted to the complaints, with launching a test feature, that allows selected listeners to rate a song. Recently, some of Spotify’ users have noted that while they were listening to a song from “Discovery Weekly” playlist, a new button appeared in the bottom left corner of the page. Two icons – a heart and a block sign – appeared and they could have clicked one of them.

Resembling the Facebook like and dislike button and Instagram “like” button in the shape of a heart, this could be a promising action by Spotify, that leads to thinking, they will soon implement one similar button on the app. However, the Spotify developers stayed silent and didn’t release any comment on this matter.

It is also interesting, that not all Spotify users did receive this possibility. The implementation of the testing element in the app would be great, as it could affect the individual’s track selection for his future playlists. This would mean more personalized “Discovery Weekly” playlists, that would be made based on user’ music preferences, instead of a generated algorithm

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