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Ricardo Villalobos remixes DJ Sneak & Jesse Perez

M. Š.
31. 12. 2018

Ricardo Villalobos will be releasing a remix for Hot Creations in February 2019.

The Berlin-based icon of electronic music is going to be featured on a new four-track EP by DJ Sneak & Jesse Perez, titled Back & Forth. The EP consists of the original version of Back & Forth as well as 2 remixes by rising Brazilian artist DJ Lukke and Ricardo Villalobos. The EP is set to release on 01 Feb 19.

If you’re a true Villalobos fan this track should sound very familiar to you and if not you can listen to it below!

1. “Back & Forth”
2. “Back & Forth” (DJ Lukke vocal remix)
3. “Back & Forth” (Ricardo Villalobos remix)


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