Armin van Buuren and Hï Ibiza

Ž. I. / P. K.
16. 9. 2018

Dear lovers of Ibiza, specially Hï Ibiza. When you think about best trance DJ and party island, your thoughts always apply on Armin van Buuren and Ibiza. And if you combine this two things, it’s like you get an very delicious dessert in one prestigious restaurant.

Firstly we have to touch an exceptional acceptance into the club. After a short talk with the staff, they showed us whole club which include few stages, one of them is even in the toilet. How many clubs are in the world where the toilet has it’s own DJ? Hï Ibiza has it for sure. On the main stage Ruben de Ronde opened the event itself and with sounds of trance music splendidly warmed up the dance floor for dutch artist Armin. The second hour in the morning which was reserved for Armin was getting closer and you could feel intense atmosphere in the crowd.

Is there any better way to start a three hour set than with a song Our Origin. Hard to say, right? Goosebumps were definitely inevitable. We even heard some popular electronic dance music songs like Heading up High, You are and Sunny days and of course it did not go without tracks like Great SpiritJust as you are and the one and only with popular text that made us soaked with positive energy: “I had a dream last night of vision, I saw a world full of people, everybody was dancing and screaming loud, they was just there to listen to the music, some even have they eyes closed, everybody was just smiling, when i woke up, i realized, i wanna be in that moment. The very essence of my existence is looking for that emotion, and when the weekend comes, I live for that energy.”  Just as he began, he also finished – in style. What do you think we’ve been waiting for the whole set? Blah Blah Blah of course. With this song we pulled our pulse to the maximum, the crowd danced like nobody was watching and sang like nobody could heard them.

After Armin’s set it was time for the last DJ of the event, who was specially announced by Van Buuren, David Gravell stepped in-front of the mixer. Of course, he did not disappoint as well. Tracks as Trance ReBorn, Energy and Addicted to added cherry on top to sensational night.

We must also mention that at the same time another super stage was active in Hï Ibiza. Undoubtedly artists like Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Fedde Le Grand and YAX.X also provide exceptional party.

Visiting Ibiza, especially Hi Ibiza would definitely recommend to all party enthusiasts and for those who live for that energy.

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