Prague Bans Plastic Cups At Music Festivals


The Czech capital city Prague has banned single-use plastics from being used at all festivals and events sponsored by the city.

Prague is tired of the level of litter being produced by the lively sector of society and pushing to clean it up. The Czech Republic’s capital is now testing a law to correct the trash problem, outlawing plastic cups at Rap & Pop music festivals.

“I want to find in my responsibility all the possibilities for Prague to behave in a more environmentally friendly manner. Reducing disposable plastics is the most effective means of fighting for cleaner nature and oceans. I hope that Prague will not remain alone and inspire other organizers and operators,” Třeštíková said on the City Hall website.

Since 1st May 2019, all event contracts signed off by City Hall will contain a clause preventing any food or beverage being sold in or with disposable plastics.

Among other items, the ban includes single-use plastic cups, plates, bowls, knives and forks. Anything food is served in must be returnable and washable. Hopefully, this corrects the severe trash problem.

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