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Police have busted a house full of ecstasy


The Garda Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau (DOCN) in Ireland have busted a house where up to 7.000 ecstasy pills were being made per hour!

Police have found an automatic single-punch tablet press pill making machine on a property in County Kildare on Sunday May 6th. The machine is able to make anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 pingers per hour! They have also found a lot of MDMA powder (enough to make at least 40,000 pills with an estimated value of €200.000), 2kg of heroin and 1kg of cocaine. The police believe that the house is owned by the Kinahan cartel, three men were arrested at the scene.

John O’ Driscoll, assistant commissioner of Special Crime Operations said:˝This operation provides further evidence of the extent of links between Irish based organized crime groups and the international drug trade. ˝

This story is definitely going to be a part of the biggest drugs stories in history.

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