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13. 5. 2019

Peggy Gou is next in line for a DJ-Kicks mix series.

This will be the 69th installment of the series that will drop this June. It will consist of a 19-track mix which is aiming to showcase material that has been extremely formative to Peggy during her career. The genre will, of course, be circling around house, disco, electro and techno sounds, and the tempo will span all the way from 90 up to 150 BPM.

The album’s artwork shows Peggy Gou, who is a huge animal lover posing with one of the world’s most mythical and endangered creatures – the tiger.

“I had the concept of this cover in my mind for a long time – as the first Korean woman to contribute to the DJ-Kicks series I wanted to do something from my heritage, so I chose the tiger, which is very important in Korean traditions and a metaphor for my personality,” says Peggy. “As it is not humane to shoot with a real tiger, I and the photographer Jonas Lindstroem used a library image to make a composite. The tiger ‘disappears’ when you turn to the inside-cover photo, to highlight that these beautiful animals are already extinct in my home country and in danger of disappearing from our world entirely.”

For more info head here.

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