Peggy Gou drops new music and talks about her style with Vogue

7. 3. 2018
Monika Š.

Peggy Gou, an inspiring DJ and producer that doesn’t really need an introduction, has a style as eclectic as her taste in music and she pulls it all off effortlessly.

Peggy always had a thing for fashion, which resulted in her pursuing styling and media studies at London College of Fashion. It took a bit of time for her to realize that it wasn’t exactly the path she was meant to take. Gou figured she loves styling herself more than others, moved to Berlin to pursue music and ever since she’s been evolving her look parallelly to her deejaying.

One of the reasons why we adore Peggy so much is simply how passionate she is about music, which reflects in her unstoppable desire of always aiming higher and higher. Another thing she’s quite notorious for is her music selection that differs largely from set to set. Her taste spans across multiple genres, from straight-up house and disco beats to harsher techno sounds.

In a recent interview with Vogue Gou stated: ‘I want my sets to be groovy and energetic, different each time and exploring different things. If I think about it, it totally reflects my personal style and personality.’

‘Even though I’m more of a streetwear, sneaker girl, I try to wear different styles all the time. In the beginning, I thought that in order to look serious in the music industry I shouldn’t dress up too much, but then I realized I wasn’t happy. Dressing up, my image, and fashion are also a part of me, and it reflects who I am.’

The ambitious 27- year-old with a relentless touring schedule recently dropped a fresh piece of her production, an EP titled ‘Once’ that is available for you to listen below!




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