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The one and only Paul Kalkbrenner, a master of entertaining crowds with no artificial flashiness needed, has announced new album called ‘Parts of life’. The album is set to release on 18th May.

This new album comes three years after the release of his most recent album ‘7. It was partly inspired by his 2016 mixtape trilogy Back To The Future, through which he highlighted the late-’80s and early-’90s dance tunes he once collected as a teenager in Berlin.

The announcement for the album came as the German producer unveiled a brand new single with a music video called ‘Part three’. Music is a typically triumphant number with steady crescendos, vocal samples, euphoric yet subtle synths and a propulsive groove. ‘Part Three’ is track two on an album with an ever-so-slightly confusing tracklist which you can take a look at below.

The music video was actually shot during a live show rehearsal in Berlin which also gives you a taste of what Kalkbrenner’s dazzling live shows look like.

As well as the music video, Paul Kalkbrenner shared the artwork for his upcoming album. The artwork has been created by his uncle Paul Eisel and depicts items that at personal to the music producer.

This is definitely an album we can’t wait to get our ears on as we hope for more melodic masterpieces like Paul’s ‘Cloud Rider‘ and the amazing ‘Sky And Sand‘. Check out ‘Part Three’ here.


1. Part Eleven    2. Part Three    3. Part Fourteen    4. Part Seven    5. Part Four    6. Part Twelve    7. Part Two    8. Part Ten    9. Part Five    10. Part Fifteen    11. Part One    12. Part Nine    13. Part Thirteen    14. Part Six    15. Part Eight

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