Metallica Among Forbes’ Top 10 Highest-Earning Artists of 2019

10. 12. 2019
M. Š.

Metallica are among the world’s Top 10 highest-earning artists of 2019 according to Forbes, landing at No. 10.

The report claims that Metallica earned $68.5 million in 2019. They did a good amount of touring throughout the year, but they’re ranked pretty high for a group that haven’t released a proper studio album since 2016.

Metallica are in company with exactly who you’d expect — Taylor Swift, who released the album Lover this past August; Kanye West, who has an expensive sneaker line; Ed Sheeran and more. The only other artist remotely related to Metallica, being a classic rock act, are the Eagles, who sit at No. 4.

Source: Loudwire


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