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Mathame suprises again with latest release ‘Skywalking’

8. 3. 2019

Sicilian brothers Amedeo & Matteo Giovanelli aka Mathame began their musical journey whilst living deep in the forests of Mount Etna. One of Europe’s most volatile and active volcanoes. Mathame’s sparse, edgy techno textures would seem to suggest that making music in such an environment has had somewhat of a bearing on their sound.

Mathame’s latest release ‘Skywalking’ has finally arrived. Following 2018’s ‘Nothing Around Us’ single – one would find it very difficult to imagine that Matteo Giovanelli and Amedeo of Mathame ever again will be able to uncover a world to us similar and as magnificent as ‘Nothing Around Us’, but they just did it again. Mathame keeps refining their sound, with the latest on ‘Skywalking’ and on a collaboration with Tale Of Us ‘Departure’ and therefore showing no sign of slowing down.

‘Skywalking’ is a tense, cavernous techno roller that encapsulates the volcanic inspiration of the pair’s sound pallet. Measured drum rolls and fevered chord progressions remain prominent fixtures within the track’s delicately crafted core melody.

Listen to the masterpiece down below.


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