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Luciano releases a statement about addiction and rehab in the wake of Avicii’s death

14. 5. 2018
Monika Š.

Luciano, a man who’s now 12 months sober but was battling with substance and alcohol abuse in the past, has opened up with a deep and lengthy Facebook post. In the post, he revealed a secret that he was keeping to himself for almost 22 years- he has spoken about how he went to rehab in Thailand and all the feelings of shame behind the self-destructive addiction.

The Chilean-Swiss DJ and producer shared that such a heavy touring schedule meant he was taking pills to “wake up, another ton to sleep or calm down, painkillers for a million reasons and substances to keep pushing” and all of the above combined with alcohol.

“So many times I felt so close to what happened to Tim, that loneliness, isolation and especially the feeling of not being understood was generating a high level of anxiety, depression and driving me confused cause nobody ever spoke about the illness that touring and pushing generates.”, he stated in the Facebook post.

You can read the full post below!

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