Listen to Carl Cox’s driving Burning Man 2019 set

M. Š.
23. 9. 2019

Listen to Carl Cox’s absolute masterclass of a set taken at Burning Man 2019.

The set is filled with fresh and old cuts of house including a play of seminal groover “The Bomb” by The Bucketheads that’d certainly keep any feet moving across the playa.

This is what Cox pointed out about the festival:

”What is amazing is that everything that you see, touch and feel is someone’s expression. Keeping in mind there isn’t any electricity or water it is amazing to think that people build the experience and then they leave without a trace. I just find that so refreshing.

I mean, I’m not there for the money or to further my career in any way, in-fact it costs me money to get there and set up! I’m not worried about that, our camp members all raise money and contribute to the running of our setup on the Playa.

I just love that for one week – no watch, no phone, no internet – anything that happens in that week is what you make of it, and that’s the beauty of Burning Man.”


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