Listen to 78 minutes of music each day to stay healthy!

19. 11. 2019
M. Š.

A new study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) suggests that listening to 78 minutes of music each day is recommended for maintaining good mental health.

The study documented the effects of music on 7,500 people globally. Based on individuals’ experiences with music and mental health, BAST suggests a “balanced diet” of different moods of music is key, including sounds which make you feel uplifted, relaxed, motivated and even sad.

Ideal intake of music each day would be:

14 minutes of uplifting music (user’s choice) to feel happy (18% of your musical RDA)
16 minutes of calming music (user’s choice) to feel relaxed (20.5% of your music RDA)
16 minutes of music (user’s choice) to overcome sadness (20.5% of your music RDA)
15 minutes of motivating music (user’s choice) to aid concentration (19% of your music RDA)
17 minutes of music (user’s choice) to help manage anger (22% of your music RDA)

Though 78 minutes seems to be the optimal amount of listening time, an average of just 11 minutes per day can make you feel happier.

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