It’s hard for artists to combine sleeping and DJ-ing, they have a very busy schedule meanwhile they rarely even sleep due to neverending flying from one side of the world to another. You may wonder how do they manage to do it?

Laurent Garnier’s answer to this is in no way complicated, it’s just the act of playing tunes alone. The longstanding French DJ and producer stated: “I need to play a DJ set because, for me, it’s my vitamin.”

DJing is like my drug. I need to DJ to feel good and want to carry on. I like making people dance. I like seeing people in front of me. I like having this relationship with people when I play music and I like to see their reaction.”

He also compares Asian crowds to European crowds in the sense of them being “open-minded”, but says playing in America is always unpredictable.

Last year, Garnier called out techno artists for being too similar to each other, labeling them “Jeff Mills’ sons”. He added: “It’s cool, I love it, I love his music – sometimes Jeff does it better – but there are 600 of them.”

This year you can hear him at the Sónar festival and Time warp, for more events click here.

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