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In the modern world of countless languages, there is only one language so universal it can unite thousands of strangers in one house, break all prejudice and spread love. This universal language is “Techno” .

We celebrate techno, we live techno, we embrace and listen to all its brothers and sisters in all of their forms. Using this formula, a wonderful fairy-tale called Labyrinth Open came to life.

The multiple days long electronic journey filled our ears and our hearts with the delirious sounds of musical virtuosos such as Dubfire, Pan Pot, Joris Voorn, Len Faki, Stephan Bodzin, Amelie Lens making us thirsty for more, long after we’ve said a temporary goodbye to the festival.

In the hopes of keeping these indescribable feelings alive, Labyrinth Open got a younger brother – Labyrinth Istria. In the Croatian Istria’s coast town of Poreč, we have found a new techno paradise, where we wish to once again unite the eternal dreamers under one roof for a few fantastical days. In the three days and three nights of non-stop partying we will introduce you to up and coming local artists, reintroduce you to already known domestic stars and top the experience off with the leading maestros of techno – Pan-Pot.

Location: Porec
Porec is a small coastal town located on the western shore of Istria. The ancient Roman city features a Mediterranean climate and is perfect for your next party adventure. Adriatic beaches, Istrian cuisine, the colourful history of a picturesque town in combination with new “techno” friendships, is the perfect recipe for the best spring break experience.

Byblos – The flagship electronic temple of Istria, which can boast about performances by world-renowned matadors such as David Morales, Roger Sanchez, DJ Umek, Oliver Koletzki, James Zabiela, Dennis Ferrer, Chris Liebing, Eric Prydz will become the playground for Labyrinth Istria’s largest star.
Secret Beach after party – »There is no party like the after party«. Every beginning has an end, and in every end, there is also a beginning. When the fairy-tale of Byblos comes to an end, the real ecstasy, meant for true techno lovers, will begin at the Secret Beach after party, which will then slowly morph into an all-day long musical trance by the sea and include the first part of the DJ contest.
Zodiak – Club Zodiak will be the scene of the crime for our second evening. Get ready for a magical night of techno intimacy, shared by the amateur local talents, who will be our guides through the celebration of that which we love most – techno. The grand finale of the DJ contest will share the stage with already established regional heroes like Aney F, Lemon and Bronsky, who will make us dance away our last night in our techno paradise.

DJ Contest
“Support local art” is the theme of the event, which will give extremely talented, but as yet not recognized local/domestic DJ’s the chance to show us what they’ve got. The DJ, who will take us on the best techno adventure will be given the opportunity to DJ alongside world-class artist at one of the regions most known festivals: Ultra Europe 2019/ Sonus Festival 2019.

(Second State, Berlin)

Marcel Fengler
(IMF/ Mote Evolver, Berlin)

In alphabetical order:
Andrea Ljekaj – Alexander Madness – Aney F – Bronski – Damir Hoffman
Ian F – Lemon – Marcel – Marin Biocic
Marina Karamarko – Mozer – San Suono

Suppriting crews:
Seriously twisted
We love sound

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