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Joris Voorn released new track ˝Dark˝

T. R.
28. 8. 2019

Having revealed a series of two stunning new original tracks this summer, ˝Ryo˝ and ˝Antigone˝, Dutch electronic DJ and producer Joris Voorn has unveiled new single ˝Dark˝.

Dark is a five-minute odyssey through endlessly compelling and emotive electronica, a sound which has rapidly become Joris Voorn‘s signature.

˝Dark is a rework of an unreleased track I used to play a couple of years back. This track had something nice but wasn’t quite there, so I started playing around with some different musical elements. This is where the arpeggio came in, following an emotional chord progression, accompanied by a moody string arrangement which turned the original idea of the track completely upside down.

All it took was some extra percussion and a solid baseline foundation to finish the almost 9-minute long musical journey. I’ve played the track on numerous occasions around the world for the last 3 years, where it always gave people a smile on their face˝ says Voorn.

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