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Jeff Mills mistakenly released another producer’s track as his own

M. Š.
25. 2. 2019

The first release on Jeff Mills’ new Str Mrkd sub-label features a track by Julien H. Mulder ( who had previously sent demos to him) somehow mistakenly labeled as one of Mills’ own.

“In a rare mistake, it was selected for this release as Mills believed it was a track that he produced from his past recordings,” Mills’ label Axis Records published on Facebook. Link to the post hereRespect to Jeff for speaking out about it and doing the right thing.

“Mills often receives demo tracks from artists seeking licenses on Axis Records. As he reviews tracks, he sometimes makes a CD containing samples of tracks of himself and others to test while out on tour. On an unmarked CD and because of the similarity in production style, Mills mistook this track as something he had made a while ago and proceeded to add this to the release.”


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