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Interview: Richy Ahmed talks about his label, surreal experiences & ambitions

18. 6. 2018
Monika Š.

The British DJ and producer, one of the Hot Creations’ main men, Richy Ahmed, talked about some clubbing related things to the men’s lifestyle magazine Square Mile.

Richy Ahmed is a name that appears daily in the house music scene, he is globally renowned for his contribution to the groundbreaking label Hot Creations, admired Paradise parties at DC-10, as well as his own successful music label Four Thirty Two.

It all started with hip-hop for him, which he was mainly drawn towards because of the swear words and the gangster vibe but then he really dug into it and started saving up money to evolve his very first collection of vinyl and CDs. Today he describes his sound as ”a blend of techno, disco, and house but always with an eye to the dancefloor”.

In the interview he confined his memory of the most surreal moment in his music career:
”My first paid gig in Ibiza. The first-ever Paradise party, at DC10 – my favorite club in the world. I’ve been going since 2001, so for that to be my first gig was more than a dream come true.”

Richy’s favorite part of making music is ”that bit when you’ve got a groove locked down in the studio and you’ve got the drum sounding right with the bass – and everything is just gelling perfectly. You listen to it and you’ve had it on a loop on repeat for maybe six hours – and you’re still not sick of it at all. It’s a really good feeling because that’s when you know that you’re onto a winner”.

The reason behind launching his very own Four Thirty Two label is that he wished to ”have complete creative control and go in a different direction from Hot Creations’. His remaining ambitions regarding the label are to really start ”pushing the label hard and get some good consistency with it”.

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Richy as his constant heartfelt aim to be bettering himself as a DJ and producer is most definitely the right mindset to have.

Read the whole interview with Richy Ahmed here and watch him drop a new track of his below!


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