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Interview: LEE WALKER


Lee Walker, britanski DJ in producent je letos nastopal na Hideout festivalu na Hrvaškem.  Pri svojih rosnih 26 letih je Lee že zelo uspešen na svojem področju. Ni ga žurerja, ki nebi poznal njegove skladbe »Freak Like Me«, saj se predvaja skoraj v vsakem klubu doma in v tujini. Lee Walker si je za Partyinfo ekipo vzel čas in z nami opravil kratek intervju, ki si ga lahko preberete v spodnjih vrsticah.

When did you discover your passion for electronic music?

So this all started when I was around 14 in the place where I lived. We were listening to various music genres and that got me in the production and DJ-ing and everything just went on from there.

Can you name one of your favorite track of your favorite producer?

I imagine this is a one where everyone just hangs up and sits there for ten minutes in silence. Probably a track named Personal Question from Bontan is my favorite at the moment.

Do you think it’s hard to succeed as DJ or producer nowadays?

I think it’s much harder now because it’s so much more accessible for people to get music software and work off with it really easily. There are a massive number of producers and it’s really hard to stand out.

What does a DJ need to have to stand out from others?

Mostly I think it’s just having good music and being able to work with it well, being able to meet the right people at the right time and being at the right place at the right time, that’s the most important thing.

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I’m gonna be starting my own label at some point this year. I said it was going to be earlier this year but unfortunately it’s going to be delayed a bit. I’m playing six times in Ibiza this year for Eden and I’m also doing Amnesia Terrace this year. I’ve got release coming out soon and a few other things. You will be surprised.

Thank you and good luck!

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