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Interview: Firebeatz

K.I. & S.A.

At this years Mysteryland festival in Netherlands, we had an opportunity to talk with Firebeatz, rising stars of Spinnin’ records.

How did it all start for you?

Tim: Well, me and Jurre met in school. We had some kind of introduction thing going on and we made a track together. We had the right contacts so it got released pretty fast. Then it got played by some good dj’s like Fedde Le Grand. So we decided to keep working together.

Jurre: Tim and me just matched perfectly on the producing area. We have different musical backgrounds but this all worked out fine.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Jurre: Wow, we have a lot.

Tim: Yeah, a lot of old stuff too like Prodigy, James Brown and even Michael Jackson!

Jurre: It is all old hiphop or house music.

Tim: Jurre and me have totally different backgrounds, so different inspirations too.

What is something that bugs you about the DJ scene?

Tim: Ehh.. I would say the politics.

Jurre: Definitely!

Tim: Everything you can think of is political, like teams battling each other for set times. Jurre: Or maybe how much money you get paid as well, or what kind of stuuf you get compared to some others.

What is one track that never gets old?

Tim: Flat beat is always good.

Jurre: *starts singing Flat beat*

Tim: Yeah, that one really never gets old.

What is one popular track you can’t stand?

Jurre: Ehh, something from Rob de Nijs? No.. what about “I will follow”.

Tim: Wow, this is really sick, I wanted to mention the exact same track. I heard it in the car before and it was really annoying me.

Jurre: The track is really off tune!

Are there any secrets you would want to share with us?

Jurre: Yes, we are working on a lot of music actually. So, keep an eye on our socials. It is gonna be completely different than what you would normally expect from us. We also experienced with a lot of genres and songwriters.

Which night has been the most memorable for you?

Both: Definitely EDC Las Vegas!

Tim: We went on stage and it was already amazing to feel the energy that the crowd gives. I was like sick to my stomach because it was so cool.

Jurre: Every festival is different, but the energy there is just amazing. Like for example Tomorrowland. The look of it is really beautiful and the decorations there are really nice. Something like EDC is just a big rave festival.

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