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How to get into the Berghain?


Who decides who gets into the Berghain and who doesn’t? That would be Sven Marquardt, a 52-year-old man who has run security at the Berghain since it first opened back in 2004. He shared some information on how to get into the club, feel free to check it down below!

“It’s subjective. Only a few of my guys are allowed to select guests at the door. They have to understand what Berghain is all about first and I try to give them that foundation. Beyond that, there are no set rules. My people all have their own personalities, and you can see their sensibilities reflected in the crowd over the course of their shifts. You always want friction, though. That’s the theme in any good club: diversity, friction.”

It’s diversity that seems to be the key factor and although you might think wearing all black is a given in Berghain, Sven doesn’t seem to be encouraging it.

He added: “If we were just a club full of models, pretty people all dressed in black, it would be nice to look at for a half an hour, but God, that would be boring. It would feel less tolerant, too. I feel like I have a responsibility to make Berghain a safe place for people who come purely to enjoy the music and celebrate—to preserve it as a place where people can forget about space and time for a little while and enjoy themselves.”

Don’t act like a dick, basically, and you’ve probably got a good chance of getting in.

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