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HD vinyl is coming in summer 2019


An Austrian company Rebeat Innovation had taken a $4.8 million investment for a new way of manufacturing records called “high definition vinyl”.

It offers better sound quality, higher frequency response, 30% more playing time, and 30% more amplitude than current vinyl records. It also eliminates the toxic chemicals currently used in the vinyl mastering process, while completely removing the tangential/radial error.

The HD vinyl will look the same and you will still be able to play them on a standard turntable with a standard cartridge. The difference is in the process that goes into making them. To create HD vinyl, the audio is first digitally converted to a 3D topographic map, then lasers engrave the map onto a stamper, which makes an impression in the vinyl.

CEO Günter Loibl stated: “It will take another eight months to do all the fine adjustments. So by summer 2019, we shall see the first HD vinyl in the stores.”

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