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Gorillaz co-founder accidentally leaves a copy of the unreleased album in a taxi

21. 5. 2018
Monika Š.

Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn left a master copy of their unreleased album in the back of a taxi, panic ensued late at night as they were meaning to release their forthcoming album sometime next month.

Albarn accidentally left his laptop, containing a master copy of new Gorillaz music and so many others priceless things, in the back of a taxi in London after he spent a night out drinking at London’s Groucho Club, little did he know that he will just like that almost cost his band millions in intellectual property.

According to the source, who supposedly listened to the music, the album that they’ve been working on for quite some time now is very personal: “It’s a really personal project because the album is very politically charged,” said the source. “A lot of his opinions on Brexit filter through it.”

Upon the discovery of the laptop, Albarn luckily managed to receive it back from the taxi driver.

Stay tuned for the release, until then you can listen to one of their newer tracks ‘Garage Palace’ below!

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