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Fans of electronic music unite in order to #saveAmbasadaGavioli


One of the most iconic Slovenian clubs, Ambasada Gavioli, is about to close its doors at the beginning of January 2018.
In the last attempt to prevent this terrifying fate, raves, visitors and dancers appeal each and everyone to sign a petition named Save Ambasada Gavioli.

When the previous owner, Mercator, sold the noted club to Elektro Turnšek Real Estate Company, the notorious predictions about concluding the venue’s entertaining purpose became a fact that is hard to swallow.

But the sad news was immediately followed by an unexpected turn as lovers of electronic music started a campaign in the attempt to keep the artistic discotheque from closing.

Compared to clubs around the world, Ambasada Gavioli is a small space that can accommodate a maximum of 2.300 people.
But it obtains a big piece in the heart of each individual that has entered through its double doors.

Designed and planned by Gianni Gavioli, a famous Italian architect, by whom it was named, it welcomes each visitor into a surreal ambient, where unique details mix with a precise lightning system and beats of the most known DJs in electronic music.

Richie Hawtin, Nina Kraviz, Green Velvet, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills and Chris Liebing are just some of the artists that have contributed to the history of Ambasada Gavioli.
Because of the specifically chosen line-up, provided by the event organizers Fetch The Vibe, Ambasada Gavioli remains one of the most visited and popular clubs in Adriatic region.

Not only does it feature music virtuosos from all around the globe, it is an important milestone for Slovenian artists as well.
Internationally famous UMEK and Valentino Kanzyani started their career behind the mixing board in “Ambasada” – as it is generally referred to among regular visitors.

This is why the prevention of its closing or rearrangement is so important!
It would not mean the closing of just one club – instead, it would deprive Slovenia of a unique, cultural facility, where making quality electronic music is a must in order to perform and where a lover of electronic music can finally feel at home.

Referred to as The Cathedral of Luxurious Colors, because of the artistic environment, it has attributed a historical importance in the Slovenian raving culture.

The movement #saveAmbasadaGavioli is just another proof of how significant its running is for all the electronic music lovers in Slovenia and around the world.

In just a few days, the petition was signed by 2.681 people from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands and all across the globe to Australia.
Comments about its meaningfulness and influence have once again restored the faith, that a building like this, cannot be torn down.

Whether you have visited Ambasada Gavioli and felt its soul or would like to visit it in the future, your signature is important.
With 30 seconds of your time, you could help to keep a culturally important nightclub, that is wished to maintain its name and purpose in the future.

You can sign the petition here!
FB Group.

To learn more about Ambasada Gavioli, you can watch a shot documentary film about it here:

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