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The legend of progressive techno and house and recently confirmed resident of the newest club Hï IbizaEric Prydz, is bringing his performances to a whole new level with his insane visual live shows.

Starting with the opening which was held on 20th of June, Prydz has set a new standard for the complete enjoyment of sound and space in the club. He successfully combined his music with lights and laser effects, all coming from thoughtfully positioned squares which looked as if they were spaceships floating in the air.

With his performance, Prydz has brought to life the initial concept that his residency was all about.
As Hï Ibiza stated on its official website:

The newly opened Hï Ibiza offers the Prydz team a blank canvas to work their magic in the Theatre (Room 1) and they will be building a site specific show for the residency, creating a unique stage for Eric to present his inimitable blend of house and techno across his Pryda and Cirez D, aliases. The Prydz residency will bring a singular visual and audio experience to the Ibiza season.

His long-term planned production paid off as the visitors found the event mesmerizing. As Ruby Munslow has written for the website Ibiza Spotlight:
Eric Prydz combined his unbelievable talent with breathtaking visuals. His entrance to the booth had been like a king taking his crown, Depeche Mode’s Behind the Wheel and Prydz’s Backdraft stormed on after each other. Prydz truly gave us our money’s worth.”

The Opus producer has already performed twice in the venue of Hï Ibiza and will take over the stage every Tuesday evening of the summer.

It is also important that he does not repeat himself, he provides a different show every time as he changes the color of the lights or the installation.

Until 22nd August, Tuesday nights in Ibiza are definitely taken over by the well known Swedish DJ and music producer.
Did you miss his performance from last week? Watch a short video of his amazing show here:

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