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ALL EARS: A campaign that will make you consider wearing earplugs at a rave


You probably have already seen a raver wearing earplugs at a party and wondered: “Why?”.
Thankfully, more and more visitors to rave parties are acknowledging the importance of earplugs for the long-term health of our ears – as without a doubt, ears are the most important organ that permits us to enjoy music.

We probably all experienced the high-pitched ringing in our ears after a night out, but not many people know, that this irritating noise could one day become permanent. It is the consequence of the hearing condition, called tinnitus, and as there is no cure – only treatments that minimize side effects – the only way to avoid it, is to prevent it.

Now, three lovers of electronic music and founders of the music blog Watch the Hype, have started a campaign to raise awareness, prevent and treat the condition of tinnitus. They have already partnered with Fabric and many other nightclubs in London, Bristol, and Leeds.
Since last September, Matt Cope and Oli Katz, who both suffer from tinnitus, along with their colleague John Carterare, are appearing in clubs and representing All Ears, in order to raise understanding about this horrible condition. They talk with people who come to the party, explaining why wearing earplugs is important, and also sell Alpine Hearing earplugs, that are of sufficient quality to not worsen the sound.

Tinnitus is the permanent noise your brain perceives when in reality there is no external sound present. It is a result of damage to the hair cells in the inner ear, mostly because of noise-induced hearing loss. Each affected person perceives it differently, but it is more often described as a ringing, clicking, hiss or roaring. The side effects of tinnitus are usually lack of concentration, stress and sleep loss, while in some people, the prevalent noise causes depression or anxiety.

The best protection from tinnitus is, of course, not exposing yourself to loud sounds, but as this is not possible for all the electronic music’ lovers, the second best protection is to use ear plugs when entering a party, where noise levels are typically 100 decibels or higher.

All Ears campaign aims to inform people that by wearing quality earplugs, you can hear the music as well as without them, and turn around the perception of ravers wearing earplugs as strange and uncommon.


Watch this one minute video of the campaign, before you leave for the party:

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