Chris Liebing is releasing his debut album ‘Burn Slow’


His first album titled ‘Burn Slow’ will be released on UK label Mute Records on September 7th.

The German techno producer will give fans something different on Burn Slow: this “new chapter” will lean more towards “minimalist electronic” the label says. “I’ve wanted to do something like Burn Slow all my life” he explains. There is still the framework of techno beats, but more harmony involved. He teamed up with composer and producer Ralf Hildenbeutel to complete the album and bring a slightly softer side out of him.

“Novembergrey” was the first single from the LP. Released in April, now he has published a new single with Gary Numan, “Polished Chrome (The Friend Pt. 1).”

Other features on the album come from Polly Scattergood, Miles Cooper Seaton, Cold Cave and Aleen.

Watch his new single:

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