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Carl Cox intends to start a completely new label in May 2018, with a special attention to live electronic music. The legendary Cox paired with Christopher Coe aka Digital Primate. The upcoming release on the label will come from the artist in the form of an 8 track album titled MNTNS of SLNC. He discovered inspiration for this EP from the hazy, mountain landscape of the Melbourne-based artist’s home in Ireland.

The concept behind the label is new, compared to the existing record producers practice. Cox commented it for MixMag saying:

The idea is to bring together a whole plethora of amazing producers and would-be live acts in the realms of electronic music and bring them to the forefront of where we are to take the music into the future. My idea was to create a label where artists who actually can make their music live, and perform their music live, have a stable platform where they can be themselves, be able to create the music without any boundaries and to feel free in the sense of releasing music without prejudice in any way, shape or form.

Carl Cox recently demonstrated his complete dedication to electronic music and amazing knowledge through his magnificent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and the documentary What We Started with Martin Garrix.

But with his new decision, he shows that his often related quote about DJ performance has a profound meaning: “When you’re playing music, it’s a journey. It gets really emotional.

The new label will certainly value the space between the DJ and his music, and the infinite freedom of creating. The label’s debut EP will be available at the beginning of March, and will include Chrsitopher Coe’s track Headland.
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