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CARL COX: I’ve had times when my career has gone through the roof, then plateaued – but through all of it there is a strain of who I am


In a recent interview with Rave Reviewz Magazine, Carl Cox opened up about the rave scene and the peaks and perks of being a worldwide famous DJ.

The one and only, Carl Cox, has tried and managed to be successful in each aspect of the music industry – he is a praised DJ and music producer, he owns his own label, had run a music management agency and global radio show, and now he even organizes his own festival – PURE.

What motivates him to go above and beyond in the electronic music industry, is the possibility to create, learn and teach:
I think more than anything, the creativity of it all and bringing new people together with their ideas. When we do Babylon for example, there are four of us – a couple of young guys and me and Richie McNeil. Me and Richie are from the old guard, and the other guys are learning, but also enjoying the fact that we are all able to collaborate with our ideas to create something we love.

When he was asked about where does he get the inspiration, Cox simply said:
Good question haha! I really don’t know, I have so many ideas in my head that I’ve just got to get them out. That’s the reason I make my music – whether it works or not, I don’t really care. It’s in there and it has to come out!

And his ideas obviously work, as Cox is one of the most recognized and successful DJs. The only downside of the busy, over-booked schedule is the lack of time spent with friends and family, he says:
The biggest challenge has been more of a personal challenge for me… being away from my family and friends, and unfortunately, my mum died two years ago and I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would’ve liked with her. It’s alright having all these amazing parties to do, but getting to them is the art. People only see when we turn up at the decks and play, but not that it took 12 hours to get there, by hook or by crook. It takes a lot of energy to perform too and people don’t see that side of it, plus you’ve got to do it day after day.

But Cox does not let the disadvantages and traveling issues get in the way of his career and protects his own freedom:
Now I cherry pick and choose how I travel, which is why I get to do these events 110% in the way that I like to. It is almost like a military operation – ‘how do you get Carl to play 3 parties, over 2 days, in 3 different countries?“.

Besides working to create something and inspire others, the legendary DJ keeps a healthy distance to the popularity and famousness.
From his music to traveling and collaborations – Carl Cox always stays faithful to himself, and that is probably the biggest challenge in a life of a DJ:
It’s difficult when you’re young and thirsty for it, and then you get it. You put your record out, it’s number one and all the DJs love it, the girls love it, you’re at the top step, you’re getting flown everywhere, first class. Then your next record isn’t as popular, you don’t get all the adulation and all the girls disappear, so then you think right – I’ve got to make my next record more commercial, like my first one. That’s when it goes wrong. What you have to do is go ‘right who am I? Why am I making this record? What’s my purpose as an artist?’.  You need to re-evaluate that and continue.

You can read the interview here.

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