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Carl Cox about DC-10


Our beloved Carl Cox shared some thoughts about Ibiza’s club DC-10 which hosts much-loved weekly events of Circoloco and Paradise. He has visited the avenue for his One Night Stand showcase on August 10.

“DC-10 started off as a bunch of people that really loved playing music,” he told DJ Mag. “It was basically a restaurant with a dancefloor when it started: no frills. It still doesn’t have that many frills to be honest, but it also had a great soundsystem and a great vibe for the people who went there. That’s what made DC-10. Now it’s a clubbing phenomenon, and the success of what it is today is purely based on development from that.”

He continued: “It was always somewhere that I could dig deep into the crate and really play the music I wanted people to hear from me. Every time I’ve played DC-10 it’s been very, very special, and I think one of the reasons is because I’ve rarely played there. I’ve always loved playing at the club.”

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