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Calvin Harris: ˝I am too old to do the tours!˝


Scottish DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer Calvin Harris is calling time on his touring career, with the reason being his age. But age is just a number, right?  Tiësto is still touring at 49, David Guetta at 50, Sven Väth at 53, and Carl Cox at 56…

In a recent interview with the Boogie & Arlene radio show, Harris stated:

˝I’ve done tours before but for me, I think my personal strength is in the studio — It’s what I enjoy the most.˝ 

He is still doing plenty of work in the studio and his summer has also been busy with shows, taking to his annual Las Vegas residency and the odd Ibiza show, but a tour is fully out of the question. Following his earlier comments, Harris said:
˝But a tour? No way. I can’t do tours any more. I’m too old.˝ 

As we all know the electronic music business often throws up surprises, so maybe Harris will change his mind in a few years.

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