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Bradley Gunn Raver’s new documentary in NYC


”Love Life and Rave” is a simple mantra, which perfectly captures Bradley Gunn Raver’s happy attitude as he grooves through life.

Named the ‘Raver of the Year’ by Mixmag in 2017, Bradley is a beacon of positivity and a proud supporter of the National Autistic Society. Donning his iconic rave goggles, leggings and his self-branded t-shirt, the tireless “sober raver” has become an internet sensation who traverses the globe to connect with party-people, speak about the mental health benefits of raving and dance alongside some of the world’s most famous DJs.

Mixmag invited Bradley to New York City for his very first visit to the bustling metropolis. See the Big Apple like you’ve never seen it before as Bradley raves his way around iconic landmarks such as Washington Square Park, The Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station and clubs including Output, The Brooklyn Mirage and of course, Mixmag’s own Lab NYC.

Check out the video below!

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