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Bradley Gunn Raver announces retirement


The name ‘Bradley Gunn Raver‘ is one synonymous with dance music over recent years. By now, you’ll have seen him on various videos across social media, shuffling away with his celebrity DJ pals such as Seth Troxler.

Donning his iconic rave goggles, leggings, self-branded t-shirt and promoting his mantra “Love Life and Rave,” the tireless sober dancer made himself into an internet sensation. In a Facebook post, Bradley Gunn explains his reasoning for leaving his adopted name behind.

He explaining that he”no longer feels satisfied just dancing” and the amazing thing he created has, in a way, become his “own prison.” He goes on to reminisce on how grateful he is for his experiences as Bradley Gunn Raver but needs to move onto the next chapter in his life. See full post here.

After a while of taking some time out to mentally process everything and have some self-reflection, I have decided to…

Objavil/a Bradley Gunn Raver dne Četrtek, 14. marec 2019

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