Bomb new techno remix of Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy (by Robert Lauerto)

21. 10. 2019
M. Š.

After Robert Lauerto teased his forthcoming techno remix of Billie Eilish’s hit single ‘Bad Guy’ via social media for a bit, he finally shared it with his audience yesterday.

The remix already gained heaps of well deserved positive feedback, we think he really managed to remix the track with respect. Lauerto focused on his favorite parts of the original song, thoughtfully deconstructed them and worked them into a sweet amalgamation with his own sound.

Tune into the track below!

About Robert Lauerto:

Robert Lauerto is a young artist from Slovenia that has been on the electronic scene as a DJ since he discovered his passion for the beats and kicks, his trademark is techno but also mixes genres all the way from deep tech to hard techno. In 2014 he won the Future Disco DJ contest and Pivo In Cvetje DJ contest in 2015. Aside from his career he also organizes events, parties and concerts along with his friends, colleagues and local artists. He is the the co-founder of Reichenekk Productions and member of Magnetik music label family.


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