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Beatstast revealed data on Beatport’s top artists of 2017


Beatstarts unleashed which tracks, artists and labels performed the best over the course of 2017.

For those of you haven’t heard of Beatstats yet, it’s basically a site that analyses and collects information from the DJ platform Beatport. The breakdown based on rankings and chard positions provides a clear insight into which artists, tracks and labels have dominated the scene over the past year.

Results went down extremely well for Camelphat who did not only landed at the position of the highest ranking artist across all genres but also took the spot of the top track with his and Elderbrook’s recent hit ”Cola”. The forefront runner on the label side is no other than Adam Beyer, topping the chard off with his very own, phenomenal production label Drumcode.

Take a look at the full list here!

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