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As Instagram is becoming more and more popular for expressing and connecting with other people, a lot of stars have started to use it for direct communication with their fans. Avicii is not an exception and has recently announced a new album on Instagram right underneath a photo of beautiful Machu Picchu.

Of course, his fans went crazy about it, which is partly because Avicii has recently retired from touring and many of them took it as a sign that he will retire from making music too. But this obviously wasn’t the case and Avicii is keeping his fans informed about his progress of his upcoming project.

As We Rave You reports:

(Tom) Bergling has been hard at work on the new album, chronicling the album’s production on his Instagram stories and even the construction of a new studio in scenic Tuscany, Italy.”

The upcoming album will include some of the most popular tracks as “Without You” and new releases like “Friend Of Mine”, “Lonely Together”, “You Be Love” and “What Would I Change it To” which will not be organized in any particular order.

It is not known yet if the album will include the song “All I Need” that he produced with the singer Sia.

Nearly a year has passed since his last performance in UshuaÏa last summer, but Avicii stays devoted to the production of music and his fans while traveling the world.
All we want to say is: just keep it going!

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