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Armin van Buuren’s new album “Moons Of Jupiter” is released!


Album of Armin van Buuren and Benno de Goeij’s debut album ‘Moons Of Jupiter’, produced under their GAIA guise is released.

In anticipation, we’re thrilled to reveal the album’s full tracklist. Titles include ‘Metis’, ‘Thebe’, ‘Himalia’, ‘Elara’, Io’, ‘Callisto’, ‘Leda’, ‘Valetudo’, plus the three ASOT premiered tracks ‘Euporie’, ‘Carpo’, ‘Europa’, and many more.

All the gems on the album are named after the satellites orbiting Jupiter, with a total of 21 brand new genre-spanning tracks.

It’s a versatile enough collection, as Armin has explained, swerving “from ambient, chill out, melodic techno to trance”.

“Throughout the years, we created a variety of synths, beats and loops that were more underground and not always useable for my sound and genre,” van Buuren added in an official announcement. “We always had so much fun exploring different genres and charting different loops and sounds that we felt it was time to combine this under the name GAIA.”

You can listen to the album in full here. There will also be a limited vinyl run coming soon.


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