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So, A$AP Rocky just dropped a track with Moby

9. 4. 2018
M. Škorjanc

A$AP Rocky is back and we’ve never been happier. The New York-born musician has been ruling the rap scene with a flood of fresh teaser tracks, in the lead-up to his new album, over the past few weeks.

Following the release of ‘Bad Company’, ‘One Track Mind’, and ‘Who Run It’, comes his latest freestyle/music video titled ‘A$AP Forever’, featuring Moby.

The track is divided into two distinct parts, with Rocky working his lyrical magic before the track blossoms into the second half, where the sample- Moby’s classic track ‘Porcelain’, topped off with Moby’s own vocals mixed with those of Khloe Anna, comes in the foreground.

Check out the music video for ‘A$AP Forever’ below and stay tuned for more, as A$AP Rocky revealed that his new album is already finished during a show in Berlin.

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