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A vinyl record fell on a british raver in Ibiza

M. Š.
8. 10. 2018

No one goes to a club expecting to get hit in the eye by a giant falling vinyl from the ceiling, as odd as it seems this exact thing happened to a British raver last year in the Ibiza club Amnesia.

The decorative vinyl disc that was attached to the roof by wire, swung down and tore into Charlie Mercer’s cheek and eyelid. Doctors saved his eye in hospital but he has been left with a 6-inch gash across his face. After the incident, he decided to sue the Ibiza’s super club. Amnesia have finally responded and the lawsuit is underway.

Charlie also spoke about the incident to The Sun: “I can still remember the whistling sound just before the disc hit me and the impact. It was pretty hard and then the record flashed across my face. There was blood all over my face and down my shirt. There was so much blood. I was really worried I was going to lose my sight. It was only because the record hit my eyebrow first that I didn’t lose my eye.”

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