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7 questions for one of the biggest names of acid techno,  Jay Lumen

T. R.
18. 5. 2019

Jay Lumen, a Footwork label founder is known for releases on Drumcode, Saved, and 100% Pure. His sound is dark and moody, with dance-floor-ready energy. He had the opportunity to speak with this techno heavy-weight about his upcoming music and project, his sound and plans for the future. Enjoy the read!

1. Speaking of your music, what’s your favorite thing when it comes to producing your own track? How would you describe your sound?

Well, the thing that I love is to create something new. All the tracks that I’m producing are my babies. A piece of my soul, heart and actual mood. I form them day by day in my studio and try to breathe life into them till they get the final fullness just like a sculptor.

I like this whole creative process just like the first times when I play out the new tracks at my shows. The people usually say I have a “Jay Lumen sound” and so nice to hear that they feel something special from my tracks and DJ sets. I’m not thinking about that honestly. Not so easy to describe what is a sound because the best if you are listening to by yourself. Actually, I produce and play techno but any kind of sounds are inspiring me and doesn’t matter how far those genres are from techno.

2. Could you explain your creative process to us?

Huh, it depends on my actual ideas. But the most important thing is I always need a good idea and inspiration. Without that, I don’t seat in my studio just to “write the next something”. It’s not my way. I love to create a fat kick and bassline groove for my tracks doesn’t matter what the sound is actually. I just have tons of kicks that I’ve created and I always modify them for the actual tracks but so easy to add my main melody or groove ideas if I just simply need to add my done kicks first. In this case, I don’t forget the actual idea before I create it. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and jump into my seat as I just get a nice inspiration while I’m dreaming.

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