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5 of the best KiNK remixes ever

M. Š.
31. 12. 2018

The Sofia- Bulgaria based  DJ and producer Kink has a very successful year behind him. From ambient soundscapes to the deeper house tunes, even onto experimental breakbeat and driving techno, he’s done it all.

To celebrate his success here’s a list of our favorite remixes that he has created so far. Feel free to let us know which ones are your personal favorites!

1. Daniel Avery – Knowing We’ll Be Here (KiNK remix) [Ambient house]

2. Kerrier District – Techno Disco (KiNK remix) [House]

3. Jimpster – Porchlight And Rocking Chairs (KiNK Remix) [House/Techno]

4. Unit 2 – Sunshine (KiNK Remix) [Piano House]

5. DJ Dozia Pop Culture (KiNK Remix) [Techno]


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