3 Bangers and Bloopers from Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Oceana Charity Gig in LA

21. 10. 2019
M. Š.

On October 12th Red Hot Chili Peppers performed at a “Rock Under The Stars” fundraiser event thrown by Oceana (an organization dedicated to preserving the world’s oceans and protecting the seas from the scourge of one-time-use plastics).

Here are 3 highlights from the gig:  

By the way… how does it go again?

Tor the finale the Chili Peppers forgot how to play one of their biggest hits. Flea and Klinghoffer turned to face each and looked completely confused by the out-of-tune racket they created.

Flea goes full Architectural Digest

During one between-song interlude, Flea honored his Oceana board president Keith Addis: “There’s some nice, ornate metalwork, and a tower with smooth edges. It’s a good night.”

Chad Smith’s Drum Skills

Everyone knows that Smith is a monster drummer, but when the band is playing in such a tiny space you are even able to feel Smith’s kick-drum in your chest.

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