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10 tracks that inspired Paul van Dyk!


German DJ, record producer and musician, Paul van Dyk shared top 10 tracks that inspired him.

Let´s check the list:

1. The Smiths ‘Hand In Glove’ (Rough Trade)
“This is the reason I started making music. It was the first track I heard that sounded different. That ignited the love within me. Before ‘Hand In Glove’, I was listening to the radio, doing my homework, and there was just this constant musical blur going on. And then this came on, and it jumped right out. That was the point I realised there was so much more to music than I first thought. I bumped into Morrissey in a hotel lobby in LA once, and told him this. He was brilliantly moody about it. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.” said Paul.

2. Depeche Mode ‘A Question Of Time’ (Mute)
“I was a big fan of Depeche Mode for two or three years before ‘A Question Of Time’ was released. It was the one that really resonated with me.˝

3. Ron Allen ‘The Transcendental EP’ (Strobe Records)

4. Cyclone ‘A Place Called Bliss’ (Network Records)

5. Vernon ‘The Wonderer’ (Eye Q)

6. Underworld ‘Rez’ (JuniorBoysOwn)

7. Dave Clarke ‘Red 2’ (Bush)

8. Dr. Atomic ‘Schudelfloss’ (Guerilla Records)

9. The Thrillseekers ‘Synasesthesia’ (VANDIT Records)
“Someone gave me a white label of this at the airport, after I had checked in to fly to Ibiza for Amnesia. He said: ‘You’re going to see this track go off tonight’. I flew from London with this record — no sleeve even, just the plastic in my hand to Ibiza. I skipped through it when I arrived, thought it sounded decent enough, and played it that night. The club completely lost it. We went to sign it to VANDIT the next day.”

10. Nu-NRG ‘Dreamland’ (VANDITRecords)

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