10 Rock & Metal Icons You Can Easily Be for Halloween

15. 10. 2019
M. Š.

Having trouble coming up with an idea for a Halloween costume? We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 of rock and metal’s most legendary artists you could easily be for Halloween.

Ozzy Osbourne

You will need: black nail polish, round sunglasses, a wig (if your hair isn’t already long), some rings and necklaces, you can even write “Ozzy” across your knuckles on one hand.


You will need: a wig or long hair and a really thin curling iron, a top hat, sunglasses, black pants.

Alice Cooper

You will need: a top hat and some makeup to recreate his blackened-eye look and drawn-on marionette lines.

Marilyn Manson

You will need: some white face makeup, black or deep purple lipstick, a ton of eyeliner, a white contact for one eye, any plain or very odd black outfit.

David Bowie

You will need: Face paint and go to town with it, wear a super colorful, tight and eccentric outfit with prominent shoulder pads.


You will need: Some face paint, a comb, a lot of hairspray and a black, studded outfit with some platform boots.


You will need: a jumpsuit and one of their masks.

Axl Rose

You will need: a bandana, leather pants and boots.

Kurt Cobain

You will need: A shaggy, shoulder-length wig and some casual oversized clothing.

Jimi Hendrix

You will need: Colored patterns, silk, scarves, bandanas.

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