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02. 11. 2018

The highly anticipated album No Tourists from one of the initiatives of rave scene – The Prodigy – is being released today, on the 2nd of November.
The popular music group kept us on our toes during summer, wondering about their new masterpiece, as they released three tracks – each original and full of creative input.

In July they released Need Some1 featuring the vocal of Loelatta Howett  (the original “voice” of Black Box’s ‘Ride On Time’). Liam Howett, member of the band, that is responsible for the sounds from keyboards, synthesizers, programming, laptop, computer, samples, sequencers, turntables, drum machines, explained his inspiration when producing it with words:
I wanted to write something that had downtempo swagger, but still felt dangerous.
Adding that Need Some1 represents the multi-sided nature of The Prodigy – their immense creative freedom but also an outlook on where they came from.

The explosive second track, Light Up The Sky, shines a light on the danger and urgency that has always been part of The Prodigy’s career path. The bold sound of acid rock in which guitars mix with 303 mayhem, Maxim‘s hoarse vocal and energetic chorus from their longtime contributor Brother Culture, is a direct link to the album’s statement.

Throughout their music path, the iconic English band has always chosen their own route, making their way through the underbelly of popular culture. Always an outcast, The Prodigy never settled for the ordinary, paved, tourist path. Instead, they were challenging public opinions, and igniting changes:
the band was leading the illegal rave scene and empowered its legalization, they redefined the idea of a band structure, and bridged different music genres into one – their own. Even though they faced a lot of challenges in the music industry, their 6 number one albums, 30 million record sales and multiple honors (two Brits, two Kerrang! awards, five MTV awards, two Grammy nominations) are proof, that not limiting yourself to popular beliefs when exploring and producing music, is the right choice.

The third track Fire With Fire was actually the first that Liam wrote. The long-awaited collaboration with New Jersey’s hip-hop group Ho99o9 resulted in a groovy, down-tempo hit. We have previously written about the track HERE.
You can listen to it by clicking here:

Describing the album as ”evil rave” Liam commented their new release with words:
this album is equally aggressive as the last records – but in a different way.”

Finally today, the album is available digitally, on CD, download, cassette, and heavyweight double vinyl.  For the biggest fans, HMV and indies also stock a limited edition gatefold clear violet double vinyl.
You can order yours here: https://theprodigy.lnk.to/NoTouristsPR

One more thing that differs the band from others is their commitment to the live performance.
No Tourists is no exception and has been created to be played live. As Liam says:
”That’s the one thing that brings everything together. I couldn’t write this music unless it has that outlet on stage. That helps write the music. This is what I do it for the live thing. And until we feel like we can’t do it, or the buzz goes, we won’t stop.

After a busy summer, full of performances on festivals, the 28-years young music group continues touring through Europe with the upcoming events in Scotland, UK, Germany, and Belgium and will later present the album in Australia during the first two months of 2019.

Their passion and commitment to producing quality, yet cutting-edge music is contagious.
The Prodigy are back, and once again, they are challenging the world of today with their music:
To us, ‘No Tourists’ is ultimately about escapism and the want and need to be derailed. Don’t be a tourist – there is always more danger and excitement to be found if you stray from the set path.

You can listen to the mentioned tracks here:

  1. Click here to watch ‘Need Some1’ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_U74eyB5o8
  2. Watch ‘Light Up the Sky’ Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAm48rkUBl4
  3. Click here to watch ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ (feat. Ho99o9) video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_z_lZ69pJ0
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