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Interview: Sky Deep

Ljublajan 1.12.2015
Darko Štrbac

Sky Deep is great DJ and music producer from Brooklyn with ten years of experience from hip hop, soul and funk music. Later on, on streets of New York, she fell in love with underground house music and started producing it. We talked with her about her beginnings, passion in music and her new EP G-Space, which will be released on 8th of December on Reveller Records.

  1. Where do your passions for music come from? Tell us more about your beginnings. We know that you started with hip hop and funk music, so what, later on, attracted you towards house music?

My passion for music comes from my love, curiosity and deep need to express myself in ways that are not possible with words. I have not always been able to share my voice freely, so I would use sound, poetry, and images to deliver the messages I have inside.

I have been around musicians, performers and artists since I was born.  My father had his own disco band PLUS was and still is a musician in the church (guitar, keyboards, singer and choir director).  My Aunt Emily Miles was a noted fashion designer in the NJ black community and she had fashion shows often. So it was always showtime or time to create since I was very young.  Even though I moved away from my birth father at age 9, somehow when I became a teenager in California, I naturally grew a desire to make music.

My dear friend, Kirt would kidnap me and take me on club party nights at the Catch One night club in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles and it is there, that I first experienced house music.  It was the mid – 90’s.   Kirt was from Brooklyn and brought his whole Tunnel and club Shelter vibe to the dance floor with fancy footwork and I just LOVED it!   It was my mission to learn to rock the house dance floor like him!    Haahaa.  He’s still better than me to this day but I’ve stepped my game up!  And then when I randomly ran into him again years later in NYC at Club Shelter –  we had a sweaty dance-off and have continued to be friends all these years!

  1. Which obstacles have you faced at the very beginning of your path as a DJ and producer?

For me, the biggest obstacles were being able to get my foot in the door to get opportunities.  It seemed I always had to work several non-music jobs to support my music habit.  I have been D.I.Y. for a very long time.  It took me a very long time to make my Sound career sustainable. Since I started with hiphop and then went to a live band direction for many years, I was constantly switching my direction so it always felt like I was starting over with my music.   I so excited now, that I can take everything I have practiced and learned over the years and finally combine it into one package.   I love to melt it all together.

  1. Which music artists are influencing you the most?

I’m not sure in what way it influences my music but I am very inspired by funk singer Betty Davis, Missy Elliot my friend and guitar virtuoso Eliane Delage and my many friends that also make electronic music.  I get my inspiration from the communities I live in and party in.  I am influenced by love, curiosity and pain. All of those things bring adventure and FUNK.

  1. You used to live in USA and for two years now you are living in Berlin, Europe’s capital of Techno music. Which are the main differences, in your opinion, between USA’s and Europe’s electronic dance scene?

I’ve actually only been living in Berlin for 1 year so far and I have played in Slovenia, Hungary and partied a bit in Prague. I don’t think I can share a full perspective about the EU electronic scene until I experience more places.   But right now, my personal experienced tells me that there is much more freedom to explore and experiment with new styles here.   Back in the states it felt more constrained and rigid.

  1. Do you prefer to produce music or to perform live? What are you most careful about when performing live?

I love them both.  In 2015, I was mostly focussed on producing so I can play my creations in DJ sets. My passion for producing music and writing songs is driven by the opportunity to deliver messages to people.  Performance is the best way to connect with people, share new ideas and create conversations.

  1. We are looking forward to your new EP G-Space, that comes out on December 8th. How did it all start? Can you tell us some stories behind the tracks on it?

I wanted to remember the freaky times and the celebrations. This EP takes you from “flirt” to “score”.

Thinking of You was actually written for someone I had a crush on in Berlin last winter.  We didn’t continue dating but we are still friends. I like to see that song as a flirting tune.

Breathe is a foreplay song.  The way the lead sounds flip, build and transform are a tease for the next level.

Humping Horns is for celebrations in the art of bumping and grinding.

Space Tribe Orgy is for those hedonist moments.  This actaully was inspired by a party theme that my label mate, Ze Royale had.  When we first met, I was DJ’ing her party which was named Planet Fornica. It had a Sun Ra theme.  So I created this song as a story line of a space trip from the Sun to Jupiter.

Overall, I  wanted to create some new sounds that I was hearing in my head using new synths and production techniques.   

  1. What are your plans for upcoming year?

My big plan is to go on tour.  I am already working on my full length album and live concert which will primarily be a house/techno project but it will include a bit of EVERY type of music that I do.  Electronics, HipHop and Guitar  will always be a huge part of my work.  There will also be visuals and performance art. I see it all clearly. It’s already in progress.

Thank you for your time and keep on producing good music! J

Thank you so much for interviewing me.  Slovenia is one of my favorite places.  It is so beautiful there.  I can’t wait to visit again :-)

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